Alexa Harris - VP of Internship


Year in school: Senior (Graduating in the fall)

Favorite class: I have a lot of favorites! I LOVED my intercultural communication encounters class and I actually really enjoyed Case Studies because I feel I gained practical knowledge and skills that will help me in my future career.

Dream Job: My dream job would probably be doing PR for a company that specializes in skin care. Whether that be NuSkin, Olay or something along those lines. I am passionate about skincare and I want to work for a company that I can easily get behind as I will be representing them to the public on a daily basis. 
How I got involved in PRSSA: My older sister was the Vice President of PRSSA shortly after it was brought to UVU a few years back. She loved it and it opened up a lot of doors for her. I joined my sophomore year but I didn’t get involved much due to my busy schedule, until I met Tanner, the now president of PRSSA. He convinced me to become more involved and offered me a position on the board once a spot opened up. 

Advice to current/future members: My advice would be to take advantage of all PRSSA has to offer! Apply for scholarships, go on trips, attend events and use it as a resource to network. It is a great way to meet people in the PR world and being a part of PRSSA opens so many doors when it comes to finding a job during and after college.
What I want to accomplish on the Executive Board: I want to be an active resource for students who are looking for PR internships to turn to for questions, suggestions and referrals. I also want to help my fellow PR students, by constantly updating them on internship opportunities and assisting them through the process of applying, so that they can begin to gain the experience needed to excel in whatever career path they chose.





  • Motivate fellow PRSSA leaders and general PRSSA members through enthusiastic attitude about PRSSA

  • Work with UVU Career Development Center and Hot Internships to find communication internships for students

  • Use own resources and networking to find internship opportunities

  • Update and manage the “Internships” page on PRSSA website

  • Work with VP of Digital Communication to post internship opportunities on social media

  • Meet and work with students interested in obtaining internships, particularly during the application process

  • Encourage members and students to apply for internships

  • Edit and make suggestions for student resumes and cover letters

  • Support all other PRSSA members in their positions and assist with any extra needed projects