Alicia Betancourt - VP of Digital Comm

Alicia Betancourt

My goals as the possible VP of Digital Communication is to get all Public Relations students actively interacting with our digital and social media. PR is all about the two-way communication and that isn’t happening right now. As of right now, UVU PRSSA’s Facebook page and Twitter receive hardly any comments, retweets or shares, and its last post on Instagram was 15 weeks ago. There is hardly any communication happening between the UVU PRSSA and its target audience. My goal is to make this two-way communication as active and as vibrant as possible.

            My qualifications really lie in the fact that I am a Army National Guard soldier and, because of that, have been trained in leadership for the last three years I have been a soldier. I want to lead Digital Communications to be the best it can be for the benefit of UVU PRSSA and its members.