Alisa Twede

Vice President

My name is Alisa Twede, I am 21 years old from Mapleton Utah. I am currently a cosmetologist working at Aria Salon on Main. I anticipate to graduate from UVU in December of 2017 with a degree in Communications with an emphasis on Public Relations.

If I became the next UVU PRSSA Vice President I would contribute to the association by working hard, dedicating myself to serving the school and my fellow peers, as well as do everything I can to help the rest of the PRSSA members and make their lives as easy as possible. I have worked in several committees and groups and held various leadership positions ranging from student government to church organizations. I have experience working in groups, brainstorming ideas, and planning events. I would be a great addition to PRSSA because of how devoted I am to always working hard and using my talents to contribute to the success of UVU and UVU PRSSA.