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As an intern with Ogilvy Public Relations, I was amazed to see the same tools and tactics I was taught inside the walls of UVU applied to campaigns for global brands. I walked into my internship very nervous, not knowing if I was prepared, but within days I realized how well my professors had prepared me for the real world experiences I would encounter. UVU Communication empowered me with the skills and knowledge I needed to succeed in a fast paced, real-world environment.
— Chris Bailey (2012)
I started my college career when the school was known as UVSC and a four-year option wasn’t available. I eventually had to transfer to the University of Utah to continue pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree, but quickly became disappointed with their program. At the U, I was one of hundreds of students in the program, just another face and I felt that internships and club memberships were only made available to a select few. Out of frustration I decided to put my education on hold and while on break from school I learned about the 4-year degree in Public Relations at UVU. I set up an appointment with an advisor and before I knew it I was transferring back. I was encouraged by how the new department was set up and how clearly laid out my path to graduation was. The numerous options for real-world participation in my emphasis (Case Studies, Capstone,PR Firm, PRSSA) provided by the instructors, showed me all the possibilities I would have with a degree in Communications. I also appreciated how instructors in the Communication Department pushed student involvement in internships and went out of their way to learn who I was, and adapt my interests to the field of study. Because of their belief in me I never felt that I was just a face, but a part of a team. I believed that I would be able compete with “the best” after graduation and became determined to make my goals a reality. I took on several internships with their encouragement and got two jobs from two of those internships, one of them being where I work now.”
— Brittany Loose (2010)