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Aubrie Black:

Positions: VP of Professional Development, VP of Service
I am Aubrie Black.  I am from Provo, UT born and raised!  I graduated from Provo High School and came straight to UVU.  After a year, I took a break to serve my religion in Mexico.  After returning from my service there, I came back to UVU and am now pursuing a degree in Communication for Public Relations.  I love to sing and dance, especially ZUMBA!  My sister is my best friend, my family is everything to me, and ice cream is my favorite food.

I am qualified for the position of VP of Service because I believe that everyone needs service somehow in their lives, either by doing the servings or benefiting from service.  Service can be anything big or small.  Some of my past service experiences include blanket tying, hygiene kit making, multiple food donation campaigns, and cleaning/painting a children's hospital in Mexico on a middle school trip. 

I want to serve UVU through the PRSSA board and also the professors that we have because without them we the student's couldn't do anything.  They are here to help us join the work force with the best experiences possible.  I would want to give back to them.

I am also interested in the VP of Professional Development position.  I spoke with Carly and she made it sound so great because I would be planning the events to meet with different companies in Utah.  This is a great networking opportunity for everyone involved.

Overall, I love planning and I think that being the VP of Service or the VP of Professional Development will give me that planning experience that I want.  I want to serve and give back to our school for the students and for the professors that we have.