Blake Griffiths

VP of Events

Blake Griffiths, 2014–2015 Vice President of Events, will graduate from UVU in April 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing.

Griffiths joined the UVU PRSSA Chapter this last year and attended every event in 2013-2014.  He was elected to his current position in April of 2014 with many UVU leadership Qualifications.

Prior to UVU PRSSA, Blake was selected as a Resident Engagement Coordinator (REC) from 2011–2012, working at Greenbrier and The Branbury. His responsibilities included promoting/planning UVU events for students living in said apartment complexes. Attendance ranged from 25-1500 students.

Other positions on campus that Griffiths has been involved with include The ZONE from Office of Student Involvement, requires working in the halls to connects and build student networks. He also has been a program coordinator in the Volunteer and Service Learning Center on Campus.

Currently he is a Club Ambassador on UVUSA. He is in charge of 45 clubs helping them to allocate their funds, find funding, and help smooth their planning process.  

Born in Colorado but raised in Utah, he enjoys golfing and crocheting in his free time. He works as a semi-professional soccer official for college and the MLS b-leagues. UVU is his passion and event planning is an acquired skill that he has made his specialty.

@ blakeypoogriff