First, thanks to our amazing alumni that came to our event and to all that showed up to listen, as well as, participate with some great questions. This was the first time UVU PRSSA has done a event in this fashion and it turned out superior. Our guest alumni came prepared with the notion that the audience would dictate the conversations by asking questions about their jobs, life in college, tips for success, internships and other informative questions. The alumni had the opportunity to respond to questions, which gave a unique experience allowing us to get different perspectives to a given topic. Everyone is doing different yet similar work, so it was refreshing to hear a response from all 6 alumni. Some "golden nuggets" I took away were - get involved, whether it is with PRSSA, UV Review, Wolverine PR, Bateman Case Study Competition and other great outside sources within UVU. Internship, internship this is something we all hear that we need them under our belt for when we graduate. The experience a particular internship can have can substantially elevate your success in the "real world". Also, get an internship doing something you want to do and hone in on that field of practice. Alumni Ryan Oaks, who now is an Associate with Snapp Conner PR, commented by stating 3 core classes that have been of great value for his success in the PR field were -- PR Writing, Cases Studies and Capstone (Campaigns). Take advantage of your time in college to prepare yourself to be the expert in your career. Here are some comments from those who came and what they took away:


Thanks to everyone who came and participated. It is always great to see everyone and to continually build our expanding network.

Don't forget the next event #UVUSOCIAL  11-16-11  details can be found here:


Also, here is a blog post from alumni Ryan Oaks about his advice and his thoughts..