Once again thanks to everyone who came to the #UVUSOCIAL. We had an excellent turn out. As this fall semester ends, we will be losing a number of our currect PRSSA presidency and will have four positions open to be filled, including the president. Positions are open to all UVU PRSSA members and need to be filled for the spring semester. ( you will be able and required to take a 350r course in the spring for credit as part of the presidency) Please Contact UVU PRSSA VP Kaiti Pratt for specific details about the open postitions. More information will be posted to the PRSSA blog soon.

I would strongly encourage you to run for a position as you will not only gain valuable leadership experience but it is a great way to network and build connections with faculty, fellow chapter members, members of our local PRSA chapter and potential future employers. You will also need to fill out an official request and submit it to Kaiti by Monday, Nov.21st at midnight.

Kaiti Pratt: email- kaiti.pratt@gmail.com (m) 801.227.4545

The online election ballots will be made available on the PRSSA blog starting Nov. 28th through Dec. 2nd. I will also send out a follow up email with the election ballot link.

On another note, we will be having our second-annual Etiquette Dinner on December 1st for $18.00 which can be purchased through campus connections. This event will have several companies around to further our networking for jobs and internships . It is well worth it to network with professionals who will be sponsoring the tables. Also, invite your friends and family because all money raised will be matched by the clubs office.

Any questions just ask.