To vote for the Spring 2013 PRSSA Presidency, go to for one candidate for each of the five available positions. Please review the list of candidates and positions below:


Kyle Hunt -- "My understanding of people and communication will help me generate excitement about PRSSA.  I currently work as a creative producer for the Fusion 360 advertising agency and I hold another job as a public relations consultant for Banzai."

Jeremy Flores -- "Serving in the PRSSA presidency would be an honor.  My passion for education, excellence and effective communication drive me to excel.  By being able to share this passion with others and learning from them, I can contribute greatly to this position for the benefit of the PRSSA—vote for me."

Pricilla Silva -- "As part of the PRSSA presidency, I would be a great asset in helping students become more involved, leading by example for incoming students. I'm friendly and willing to help. Vote for me because I listen to other opinions and use those to generate great ideas to better our chapter."


Natalie Gifford -- "My name is Natalie Gifford.  I absolutely LOVE public relations and love PRSSA!  I would be so great as the VP of service because I am so organized and I am very dependable. Please vote for me and I will help PRSSA move forward and grow!"


Ashley Jewell -- "I know I could get the job done. Events is what I want a career in so it would be incredible experience for me. I am very dependable and trustworthy. I have a lot of great ideas that would benefit PRSSA. I love working with and serving other people."


Matt Stacey -- "I like PRSSA, what it stands for, and how it helps students achieve success. I want to take an active part in the operation of the organization so I can help people know about the opportunities available to them through PRSSA."

Valerie Mendoza -- "I'm a very motivated individual and believe I would be great for this position. I'm very organized, some might even say OCD (in a good way).  I will work hard to motivate people to not only join but to also get more involved with PRSSA."

Janessa McNeill -- "It is necessary as a pre-professional to remember why we are getting a PR degree, and for me, it is to help others. I want to help UVU PRSSA have a better focus on service, which will not only benefit those we serve but our chapter’s members, as well."


Neal Marchant -- "Currently at my internship with Scott Lazerson I have learned so many useful tools that are needed to "make it happen" in the PR world. I have assisted in landing clients, numerous high pressure conference calls and meetings, and face to face client experience. I hope to bring these skills to PRSSA."