There was plenty of talk about fashion, but a lot of style at Wednesday's "Dress the Part" event. Professional portraits were available to those who attended, perfect for resumés and cover photos. Great tips were given by our two guest speakers, Aaron Eddy from H.M. Cole and Savanna Smith from Buckle. A stylish fashion show displayed visual examples of business wear for the corporate world.

Aaron Eddy helped men understand how to dress for the workplace, specifying that suits are the way of business. He touched base on the difference between business casual and business formal for both men and women, stressing the similarities between both styles. Business casual is still business wear, without as much structure from a jacket or tie. Another point was to always dress for the job you want, not the job you have. There has never been an instance of interviewers saying that a candidate was overdressed (of course unless a tuxedo or prom dress was involved). Suits are always a good idea for men in the business world. You can add your own style by adding details like fine lining and tie choice. Ladies should wear appropriate lengths of skirts and 2-inch heels maximum, but for the heel lovers I'm sure you can get away with 3 inches. Overall, Aaron emphasized that each business has its own dress code, so follow your boss' example and stay away from anything that can be coined a "show off" outfit.

Savanna Smith helped the ladies understand how to dress for their body types. Whether you're a heart-shape, pear-shape or hourglass figure, there are tricks to make you look feminine with your own unique style. At work, ladies can add details to their outfits, but a structured blazer looks good on every body type, creating a waist and accenting women's natural curves without crossing the line of appropriate business wear. 

The fashion show was a hit among attendees. MC Skrilla Baby and MC Shawn "Diddy" Homer commented on the outfits as models strutted their stuff down the catwalk. Examples of business formal and business casual made the styles clearer for those who watched. 

Thank you to all who attended the event and those who helped make the evening a memorable one. A special thanks to our guest speakers for their helpful information and models for dedicating their time to the event.