Recently, I was skimming the pages of the newest edition of Success magazine, when I came across an article about the do's and don’ts of social media. The article compares four simple guidelines (or principles) of social media to party manners, below is a summary of the article.

1) Don't exclusively talk about yourself. How many times have you been to a party or on a date where the person you are talking only cares about themselves? There’s a good chance you will do whatever you have to do to not talk to them again. People want to have conversations. 

When promoting your brand, you want to engage in dialog with your customers. Whether it’s sharing non-brand information that will start a conversation or some news article about technology related to your brand, you want to make sure you are interacting with target audiences.

2) Create a warm atmosphere. The point of social media is just that, to be social. If all your Facebook or Twitter account is an editorial of your business, it will not attract people. Let people know you are interested in more than just selling by posting questions unrelated to your business (for instance talk about current events).

3) Admit screw-ups. Ignoring a screw up or a problem in your company is like ignoring the big puddle of punch spilled on the floor by one of your party guests. Unless, someone cleans it up, it won't go away. Own up to the mistake of your company or organization, and explain what you will do to fix the problem or prevent it from happening in the future.

4) Mingle but don't get manic. Don't be that guy that feels you have to be in every conversation going on. Avoid posting too much on social media, so your site won't get cluttered. If multiple people post the same or similar comments, you don't need to comment on every one of them. 

Also, just like with parties, arguing is not the key! Arguing will do nothing but drive people away from your site and most likely your brand. Deal with people in a professional way and address concerns as they come.