Businesses in every part of the world are implementing social media campaigns to facilitate interaction with customers and mange relationships with key stakeholders.  Maybe you don’t know what it feels like to run a social media campaign for a business—at least not yet. At this stage of your life it’s quite possible that your personal social media use consists of posting comments on a friend’s Facebook page, following your favorite celebrity on Twitter, or browsing through the video archives of YouTube. It is true that millions of people use social media exclusively for entertainment purposes, but did you know it can also help you find employment?

A recent article published in the US News and World Report offered 10 tips for using social media to increase your chances of securing a job. For now, we’ll only cover a few points to give you a basic understanding of how social media can aid your job search.

Let People know you’re searching for a job

You’re friends and former colleagues are more connected than you think. Don’t be afraid to advertise that you’re on the hunt for a new job. If people know you’re looking, they may be able to connect you with employees or hiring managers at various companies.

Network with existing friends on Facebook

Linkedin and other networks provide a great avenue for business professionals to connect, but existing friends will lead you to more employment opportunities than strangers or acquaintances. Never forget to network with your friends.

Look up information about specific hiring managers

Social media gives everyone an opportunity to conduct worthwhile research, even when the research focuses on a company manager. If you’re interested in working for a particular company, search out the hiring manager on Twitter or FB to learn about their interests, skills, previous experience, and what they may be looking for in a new employee.

Add a hyperlink for your Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile on your resume

Giving a hiring manager access to view these pages shows that you have confidence in your ability to navigate and use social media effectively.

Follow this link to learn more information about using social media to find a job.