We have an wonderful opportunity for all our AMAZING PRSSA members! It is time for the Eighth Annual Utah PRSA Student of the Year Competition and we know that we have many great members who would be perfect for the award!

The competition requires student to respond to an RFP and develop a strategy for a deserving non-profit organization, which this year is The Living Planet Aquarium. A student from each college and university will be selected* and will compete in a live competition with the winner receiving $1,000, an internship and bragging rights as the PRSA Student of the Year. The deadline for submissions is Friday March 22.

This is a valuable program that offers students with the opportunity to apply fundamentals learned in the classroom to a real world client and scenario. It also provides a tremendous opportunity to network with local PR professionals. Several winners and finalists from the competition have secured employment with top agencies and companies as a result of their participation.

to apply visit: