Hello everyone,


The Communication Department is offering several new exciting classes this coming fall semester.  The courses will help you be better prepared to enter the workplace.


Check them out—and quickly add the courses before they fill up.  Bottom line – if you are interested in the class, add it to your schedule right now.  As always, consult with your academic adviser before taking any class.


New classes for fall semester:


1.     Executive Lecture Series—Comm 431R, Section 001.  Each week you will learn from an industry professional from the fields of public relations, journalism and speech comm.  This class will also provide you with an opportunity to network for internship and job opportunities.

2.     PR Event Planning—Comm 350R Section 004.  Learn all the ins-and-outs of planning a PR event by Marissa King, a professional event planner.

3.     Visual Strategy for Communication Majors—Comm 2510, Section 001.  This very practical and useful class will be extremely valuable regardless if you are studying public relations, speech comm or journalism.  This course will be taught by Dr. David Morin, who will be joining the Communication Department as a full-time faculty member this summer.  Dr. Morin is coming from the very prestigious communication program at Ball State University.  He has previously taught this class, which has received extremely high student reviews.