Hey everyone! We hope you stopped by and saw us at Club Rush before getting rained out. If not, come to our event next Wednesday, September 18, at 7 p.m. in Centre Stage. Helping out at Club Rush got me thinking about how we tell people about PRSSA. What do you tell people when they ask you, “What is PRSSA?”

As Communication students, we are learning to create messages with an impact in a succinct way, but it’s often hard to describe what we do.


This picture comes from an article entitled “PR is (still) a difficult job to explain.” (Click the picture or here for the whole article.)  We learn so many skills and then are expected to be able to do just about anything. How do you describe what you do when you do so much?

As aspiring PR professionals, it’s important for us to find what we love about the field and be able to define it how we see it. There are so many aspects to public relations, but as we learn some of the basic skills we are being taught in our classes here at UVU, we are going to be successful no matter where we go.

The other day my friend asked me how to describe something we were talking about in one sentence, and I was able to think about it in a strategic way to come up with a clear, concise phrase that explained the message we wanted to portray. I sat there and thought, "Wow, I'm totally thinking like a PR pro that I want to be someday."

We can each take the skills we are learning in our classes and apply them to what we do every day. No matter what we end up doing in our profession, we can use these skills we’re learning here at UVU and rock the world.

Take a minute and think. What are you going to say to someone the next time they ask, “What does PR mean?” or “What’s PRSSA?” Look up articles, read your textbooks, search social media, and find whatever you can about public relations. Define it by what you love about it and be PRoud to be a PR major.