Some people might ask, why PRSSA? Why should I spend $60 for a club?  People who ask those questions are not taking advantage of all the opportunities that PRSSA has to offer. 

  • Internships and Jobs: Members have access to exclusive internships and job openings.  Internships are posted on the official PRSSA website.  In order to login, you'll use the login and password information provided to you through the welcome email you received at the time of signing up.  If you have questions regarding your login information, email Valerie, VP of Member Services at  
  • Events: Monthly Events are planned with members in mind.  The executive board plans monthly events that will benefit its' members in their future careers.  Different speakers come every month to speak about their field of work (media, corporate, etc.) and give insights and advice.  The speakers are available afterwards for questions and networking opportunities.  If members ever want to hear from a specific speaker or from a specific field, do not hesitate speaking to someone on the presidency board to see what can be done.  
  • Luncheons: Our parent chapter, UV PRSA has monthly luncheons that are open to all PRSSA members.  The luncheons are a great opportunity to network with professionals out in the field and to hear from some great speakers.  

There are many more benefits, don't let your $60 go to waste, take advantage of PRSSA!