A recent study by the University of Southern California predicted that by 2015, digital media consumption by the average American will reach 15.5 hours per day. Yes, you've done you're math right, that's basically every waking hour of the day and then some (assuming you're getting at least 7 hours of sleep). Compare that with the 13.6 hours per day Americans averaged in 2012. Simply put, we're not putting our iPhone's down anytime soon. Public Relations has become intertwined with all things digital media. It is the main vehicle by which PR firms and communication departments create content and manage their clients image. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have become the official platforms major companies use to make big press releases and announcements.The way that we think, feel, and live is reflected in our daily media consumption. This makes the digital sphere an incredibly concise and accurate medium for understanding your clients audience.

As PR students, we will have the opportunity to shape much of what will be seen in the digital world in the years to come. So get tweeting, wall posting, and blogging!


image credit: USC Research

Here's a really interesting take on what our digital future could look like - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6cNdhOKwi0

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