If I had any advice to give PR students at UVU, it would be the things that I did not do while during my time in the PR program.

Regret 1: Take the Wolverine Student PR Firm class.

      I had no idea that there was an actual student-ran PR firm that anyone can take, until about two weeks ago. This is a three-credit-class where students are doing real campaigns with real clients, all led by a PR industry professional and other advisors. Students work all semester on different campaigns for different clients. This provides students with real-world experience before they even graduate. It gives them a head-start on their career and looks great on a resume. Fees paid by clients all go to the UVU Public Relations program to help fund professional development activities for students. Any student in the PR program is allowed to take this class, and I advise all to do so before they graduate. It pays to have a leg-up on other recent graduates applying for the same job as you.

Click here to get more information on the Wolverine Student PR Firm.

Regret 2: Join PRSSA sooner than later.

I waited too long to join PRSSA. I attended the events {sometimes} but never fully engaged in the program. I was intimidated by the $60 registration fee and wasn't sure if it would REALLY help me further my education and career. Man, was I wrong. Joining PRSSA, and especially getting involved with the presidency, has taught me so much about how to be a better PR professional for when I graduate. There are amazing opportunities I have had (like going to Washington, DC for the National Conference) that I would not have the chance to otherwise. JOIN PRSSA. 

Click here to join PRSSA.

Regret 3: Intern-- more than once. 

I was one of those students who had heard a million times "you need to do multiple internships while in college" and sort of brushed it to the side. I always intended on getting more internships, but then schedules got busy, things got pushed to the side, and the excuses stacked up. I was able to do one internship, but it wasn't really even in my field of study. Now being in my last semester, I feel as though I have been scrambling to find an internship for this semester, but with my already jam-packed schedule it has been nearly impossible to find even 10 hours a week of free time. Internships are the way to learn real skills in the work place. Plus, more often then not an internship can turn into a job. And who doesn't want a job after they graduate?

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By Haley Zarbock