We all deal with the overwhelming feeling of what is going to happen after we graduate. It is something that is scary and makes you question yourself and what you are truly worth as a recent college grad. Recently I was reading an article about attitude by Lawanda Hill, and how your attitude will truly project your altitude in your career, and even more in your life. Hill said, “Something as simple a positive thought will translate into an even stronger positive attitude to help you conquer any obstacle in your way.” Attitude is something that is so small and completely taken for granted. It is crazy how the person who is always happy and always willing to pass a smile to anyone who needs it, is the person who has people flocking to them. Happiness and good attitude are contagious. The way you tackle any obstacle in life with dictate how people perceive you. “No one wants to run through an obstacle course with someone who is negative and isn’t helping you to overcome these obstacles in your path,” said Hill. “I want someone to lead me through the course, and push me through the tough times and be encouraging to me while the times are hard, that way when the easy times are there; all you have to do is smile and laugh.” Yes attitude is a small thing in our lives, but it is a huge factor in it as well. As Hill said perfectly, “attitude is everything.”

Jake Julian, VP of Advocacy