Please read all  of the instructions below if interested.

List of Open Positions:

VP of PR

VP of Media Production

Online Application Link:

2014-2015 Executive Board Midterm Elections

Thank you for your interest in applying and running to be an Executive Board Member of the UVU PRSSA Chapter! Being a part of the Executive Board opens doors to networking, career opportunities, leadership experience, and lots of fun!

The purpose of PRSSA is to help students enhance their education, broaden their network, and launch their careers.

Established in 1968, PRSSA has more than 11,000 student members in 340 universities across the nation.  UVU’s PRSSA Chapter was created in October 2009 and within its first five years has received local, state and national recognition.  Recognized as the 2013 National Outstanding Chapter in the Nation, membership has surpassed 120 student members. In addition to holding monthly professional development activities and programs, eight UVU PRSSA student teams have received honorable mention the past four consecutive years in PRSSA’s premier National Bateman Case Study Competition.  UVU PRSSA has received four Golden Spike Awards and Best of Show, Utah’s top PR industry award.  UVU PRSSA Faculty Adviser, Stephen Whyte, was awarded the 2012 Outstanding Faculty Adviser in the Nation.  Being the recipient of the National Star Chapter Award for five consecutive years, the Chapter is integrated within UVU and its surrounding communities through service projects and professional development activities.

Enclosed are the following items to help you prepare to run for office:

  • List of open positions
  • FAQs
  • Application instructions
  • Job descriptions for the open positions


Executive Board Midterm Election FAQ’s

How many UVU students serve on the UVU PRSSA Executive Board?

16 students serve on the Executive Board.

If elected, how long would I serve?

Your length of service will start January 1, 2015 and will last the entire Spring Semester of 2015. 

What is the time commitment for being on E-Board?

You should plan on committing 6 hours a week for PRSSA.  The executive board will meet twice a week as part of the academic course Comm 350R Special Topics: PRSSA Presidency.  To fulfill the responsibilities of the office, work and projects will be required out of class. If you’re concerned about the time commitment, it’s best to ask the current E-Board member what amount of time they spend in their position.  Needless to say to be a successful executive board member, you must be able to manage your time well.

If elected, do I get academic credit?

Yes.  All Executive Board members are required to enroll in the academic course Comm 350R Special Topics: PRSSA Presidency during spring semester.  During fall semester, the three credit hour class will meet Tuesdays/Thursdays between 10:00 – 11:15 am. 

I just joined PRSSA this year, should I still apply?

Absolutely!  We are happy to have new members apply for executive board positions.  If you have an interest in PRSSA, and have shown your interest through getting involved in the Chapter, you’re welcome to apply.

I’m just a Freshman.  Can I still run for office?

Being a younger member definitely should not hold you back from applying for a position.  One of our current goals is to increase the activity of our younger members to build a strong group of leaders for the future of the organization.  Go for it.

What do you look for in an executive board applicant?

More than anything, we want to hear ideas.  We try our best to make PRSSA the best organization on campus, but we know we’re not perfect and there’s always room for improvement.  We’re not a group that sticks to doing the exact same thing every year.  Coming with ideas for the position you’re interested in will show us that you’re an innovative thinker.  We also look for members that have shown an interest in PRSSA by getting involved and have the qualities of a good leader.

How do I run for office?

It is easy to run for the executive board.  Detailed instructions will be provided, however, here is how it works: 1) meet the qualifications and complete the online application and you are on the ballot, 2) give a 2-3 minute speech to the PRSSA Executive Board, 3) The executive board will vote and the candidate who has the most votes wins. 

If I run and am not elected, can I run for a different position?

The midterm elections (elections held in December) do not allow you to run for a different position if you are not elected to the position for which you applied.

What is the timeframe for running for office?

The online application must be submitted by Saturday, November 15, 2014 at midnight. Interviews with the executive board will take place Tuesday, November 18 from 10:00 – 11:30 am in CS 402. 

Who can vote?

Members of the executive board vote during the midterm election (election held in December).

What can I do and cannot do while campaigning for office?

Slander, negative comments about candidates, and other negative campaign practices are not allowed.  Remember, face-to-face communication is the most effective method of communication so talk it up with members of the executive board.

Executive Board Election Application

To run for the Executive Board, each candidate must complete an online application by Thursday, Saturday, November 15 at midnight.  The online application can be found at:

For the mid-term election, PRSSA members are able to run for one position.  For the position in which you apply, you must meet one-on-one with the current presidency member for the position in which you are applying before submitting your application.  This will help to ensure you fully understand the position’s responsibilities. 

Application Details:

The following information will be required when submitting your online application.  We recommend answering each question in a word document before submitting your online application.  This will help you save time and ensure everything is exactly the way you want it before it is submitted.  Changes cannot be made to your application once it is submitted.

First Name

Last Name

Email Address:

Cell Phone Number:

Twitter Handle:

Candidate for (indicate position, i.e. President, Vice President, etc.)

Expected graduation date:

Are you currently a paid member of PRSSA? (date you paid your membership fee)

Number of semesters in PRSSA:

If elected you will be required to enroll in the academic course Comm 350R Special Topics PRSSA Presidency during Spring Semester 2015.  During spring semester, the three credit hour class will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10:00 – 11:15 a.m. Do you agree to enroll and attend this course?  Yes   No

Will you be an enrolled UVU student in Spring Semester 2015?   Yes  No

Candidates for office must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA to run and serve on the Executive Board.  Do you have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher?  Yes  No

Do you understand that as an executive board member you will be expected to make time for PRSSA special events outside of the academic class?  Yes  No


Please answer the following questions as completely as possible in 150 words or less per question.

Why are you interested in running for the UVU PRSSA 2014-2015 Executive Board?

How are you qualified for the position for which you are applying?

Please describe your goals and platform for this office.

Did you fulfill the one-on-one meeting requirement with the current Board Member?  (Please note: If you did not fulfill this requirement, you are not able to run for a position).  Yes  No  With whom did you meet?


PRSSA Executive Board Position Descriptions and Contact Information:

Below is a brief description of each position. To learn more about the position, please contact the current board member ASAP. For help in your application process, or to learn more about a position, feel free to contact any of the current board members.


Contact at 801-856-7526,

  • Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
  • Coordinate with VP of Events, Fundraising, Digital Communication, and Service to create fliers for each event/activity (experience with PhotoShop, InDesign, etc. will be helpful).
  • Email/contact Stephen Whyte in Communication Department to print fliers
  • Work with VP of Digital Communication to maintain a strong social media presence through
    • Inviting friends to events
    • Responding to tweets or retweeting
    • Respond to Facebook shares, likes, and comments
    • Approve and respond to comments on UVU PRSSA Website.
  • Print and give fliers to PRSSA Presidency to distribute in Communication Classes to promote our events.
  • Develop a media contact at the UVU Review
  • Reach out to Communication Faculty and other UVU clubs related to communications and invite them to PRSSA events and activities
  • Write 2 UVU PRSSA blog posts per semester under the direction of the VP of Digital Communication.
  • Write 6 Tweets per semester to be sent out from the official UVU PRSSA Twitter Account under the direction of the VP of Digital Communication.
  • Write 3 Facebook posts per semester to be sent out for the official UVU PRSSA Facebook Page under the direction of the VP of Digital Communication.
  • Prepare and deliver a 20 minute presentation on leadership each semester.
  • Write a press release for every UVU PRSSA activity.
  • Have a strong awareness of public relations and how to increase PRSSA visibility, credibility and valuation on campus (know requirements for PRSSA National awards to help further those areas.
  • Participate in all Chapter meetings and events.
  • And all other duties as assigned.


Contact at 801-520-0631

  • Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
  • Create and develop media content that can be used for social media, events, and marketing
    • Create promotional/recap video for monthly PR event.
    • Create UVU PR alumni video profiles at least once per semester.
  • Work with executive board and VP of Digital Communication specifically on these projects.
    • Contribute to all other visual media (i.e. Photography, graphic design) when needed.
  • Oversee and maintain UVU PRSSA Youtube channel
  • Write at least one blog post every semester.
  • Update Twitter account regularly.
  • Participate on UVU PRSSA Facebook posts regularly.
  • Participate in all Chapter meetings and events.
  • Prepare and deliver a presentation on some aspect of PR each semester.
  • All other duties as assigned.