By Kaitlyn Nielson | VP of Internships

But you have no idea where to start? Look no further! (Okay, so you might have to do a little more looking, but I promise it will be worth it. I can't just hand out internships.) After spending a semester searching for the best internships for you, I think I finally have internships down to a science.

Step 1. Search

Most students find this the most intimidating step in the internship process, but with my help, you’ll become a pro in no time. To start your internship search, go to and login. Every active UVU student has a login and there are instructions on how to login. Once you are logged in, you can browse through jobs and internships. I suggest doing an advanced search. Under the Position Type select Internship/Co-op and select your major (Communications). You can do a more in-depth search, but I would suggest starting here. 

Browse job titles and companies and keep a list of all of the posts that tickle your fancy. If that doesn’t help, read job descriptions. My guilty pleasure is printing job descriptions and crossing out things I don’t like and highlighting things that interest me. I’m not saying you have to do this, but it helped me find a position and job title I love more than anything. 

Step 2. Research

Now that you’ve searched and found the internships you want to apply for, you need to do some research on the companies. You might dig up some artifacts you don’t like about a company that will send you running, or you could fall in love with a company because they let you play ping pong during work. Google them, read their ‘About Us’ page, and stalk their social media (let’s get real, we know you did that first). Don’t limit yourself to where you look. Go crazy and find out what that company is all about.

Step 3. Apply

Once you’ve fallen in love with a company or position, apply. I know that putting your resume and cover letter together is a beast in its own, but there are people willing to help. The Career Development Center was made for this very reason, UVU has a resume lab, your teachers are always looking for more things to edit (that’s half a joke, but really, go to your teachers), and, like I’ve said before, I’m here to help! Don’t be afraid to show people your work and don’t be afraid when they tear it apart. That’s when you know they really care about you and want you to succeed. 

Use the information you gathered from your research and weave it through your resume. Pull keywords from the job description and tell them you’ve already done it (use fancy language though). Once you can’t even edit your resume and cover letter any more, you’re ready to apply! Turn that bad boy in and let your hard work do the talking.

Step 4. Research some more

You will never know enough about a company so keep doing your homework! Find a golden nugget* and keep it in your pocket. I promise you’ll find a way to use it.

Step 5. Get hired

If you found a way to get an interview, your only job at this point is to get hired. Use what you learned in your research and make them fall in love with you. Practice for your interview by thinking about previous jobs you’ve had and how it relates to the position, why the company should hire you, and how you would answer any of their other questions. Prepare at least 3 questions you have for the interviewee as well. If you don’t have any questions they’ll think you don’t want it bad enough and that you’re a stuck-up snob (okay probably not, but we still don’t want them to think that). 

In the end, your ultimate goal is to get hired!

Step 6. Get to work! 

As if you haven’t already been working trying to get your internship, now is your time to shine! If you haven’t heard back about your internship, follow up. If you were offered a position, celebrate

then get to work. Show them why they hired you. 

If you didn’t get the position,

there is still hope! You might have to start your search again, but I suggest asking for help. The school has a large number of resources dying to help you get an internship. Click on the links below for more information:

It’s never too late to apply for an internship so don’t think your time has passed. If you’re still intimidated by the whole process, COME SEE ME in LC 410M. I have an open door policy and candy sometimes. You can also shoot me an email at I know I said internships aren’t just handed to you, but chances are if I know you and I find an internship that fits you perfectly, I will hand it to you. (I can’t hire you, but I can help you skip the searching process.)


Thanks for listening and 

*Stephen Whyte