You should cringe a little bit when you read these. 


In public relations, or any career, good writing is vital.  Whether it is writing a press release, an email to a potential client, or writing a term paper you need to be able to write. The further that you get into your degree the better you should become at writing.  Here are some tips to help you with your writing.

1.  Read A Book - Reading quality literature can help build your vocabulary while also teaching you new ways to write.  Reading also allows you to see what professional writers are doing to get published.

2. Buy And Know The AP Style Book - In your PR career you will be working with journalists and editors.  Journalists write in AP Style and if your press release is filled with AP style mistakes they are not going to use it.  You need to know the difference between farther/further, toward/towards, that/which and others. 

3. Practice, Practice, Practice - Did I mention that you need to practice? The painter Bob Ross said, "Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you're willing to practice, you can do." If you practice writing media pitches, press releases, and other writing styles you will get better with time.

4. Be Open To Criticism - When you start out writing you will probably not be the best writer.  Let others read your writing and give you critique on it.  Also, go to a writing lab and let them give you pointers on what you need to change and what you're doing well.


Following these tips will help you become a great writer.  Remember though that writing shouldn't be painful and that you should have fun.  Writing is a valuable skill that you need to know for your career.

- Eric Serdar, Vice President