Have you ever made a list of things you thought was important to have in your career? How about what personally motivates you in your career? 

When we really break down what is important to us, one thing that people always want is having a career that they love doing. However, what happens if you have the career you love but are receiving low compensation? Or what about a job that has high compensation, but is something you absolutely hate? In the book, "How Will You Measure Your Life?" by Clatyon M. Christensen, he goes into depth about balancing your incentives and motivations. Examples of incentives are status, compensation, security, or work conditions and motivations are things like personal growth, recognition, responsibility, or love for your job. Now, after reading this it might seem like we are going to say you need to pick and choose. False. This chapter talks about needing a balance of the two. They both have their ups and positives, but motivational tends to be the one that people suggest to focus on. In the book, Christensen isn't tell us to pick one or the other. We need to make sure we have a balance of both and aren't just settling for one.

These factors are extremely important when helping us to decide what career to go into, but it not only is important in our career, but in our personal lives as well. In the book Christensen tells a story about his two sons and his experience with building a playhouse. His two sons couldn't wait to get outside and work on the playhouse every day with dad. But, once that playhouse was done, the two sons immediately lost interest and hardly ever played in it. Christensen explains that it wasn't about having the playhouse, it was about building the playhouse. The two boys felt proud and accomplished as they were building their playhouse with their dad. To them it was important to do the work and spend time with dad. That was their motivation and incentive. 

By not settling and combining both our incentives and motivations, you can have the career of your dreams. Not only will you enjoy going to work, but you will be happier in our every day life. 

"Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life (Christensen, pg 38)."


Written by Brianna Jordan

VP of Member Services