By Kaitlyn Nielson Mace

VP of Internships

Hey seniors! Did you know that graduation is only 30 days away? Let me break it down for you-- 13 days of class, 4 days of finals, 5 days of spring break, and 8 days of weekend. When you look at it that it looks like you have more days without school than with it, but of course you’re more stressed than ever before.

Why? Maybe because you have finals to worry about, that one class you might not even pass, and that boy you still haven’t had the guts to talk to—but most of all, you have no idea what you’re doing after you graduate.

So what can you do? Search for jobs now! I know you have a lot on your plate, but we’re here to help you! Take a second and read Greg Baubien’s article from The Public Relations Strategist ‘Career Advice for College Graduates: Navigating Today’s Job Market’

I might be beating a dead horse when I say you should do an internship and with graduation being right around the corner (literally) you might think it’s too late for you to do one, but I’m here to tell you that IT’S NOT TOO LATE.  Yes, you will be graduated so you don’t need the credit. And yes, it’s not a permanent position. But it is definitely a step in the right direction. Internships will give your resume an extra boost to put you one step above the rest. They can also help you network with professionals in your industry and that might open the door to a permanent position. Don’t be afraid to accept an internship after you graduate.

Next, be willing to do the dirty work. Don’t forget that you’re still on the bottom of the totem pole. Find entry-level positions and apply to them like crazy. Don’t know where to find jobs? Go to these websites and I know you’ll find something:

Don’t just look for any job, look for your career. I might have contradicted my last paragraph, but hear me out. I am a firm believer that if you can find the right company you will love your career. So what should you look for in an employer? May I suggest good looks and a nice bank account? But on a more serious note, find a company whose culture fits you and your life. Some people enjoy wearing suits and carrying briefcases while other people are more productive wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Maybe you like a relaxed atmosphere that has strict deadlines. Find whatever culture will help you be successful and love your job. You should also look for a company you can grow with if you want to stay with them forever. Whatever you do, make sure you really want to work for the companies you are applying for.

Well, that’s it. Alright not really, but if you still feel lost and need help, use your resources on campus while you still have them. The Career Development Center (LC 409) was created to help students find jobs after they graduate. They have a lot of great connections and can help you beef up your resume. Another resource is your professors. You might think you can just write them off, but don’t ruin your relationship with them just yet (or ever). They have a lot of great connections too and can be a great reference to use when you apply for jobs.  

T-minus 30 days. You can do this. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact the board. We’d love to help you too! We’ll see you at the finish line.