It's important to be creative, that's one thing that I've heard a lot at school. How will we stick out from the crowd? What makes us different from everyone else?

When it comes to public relations and marketing, this is especially true. Competition is out there and creativity can set you apart, above and beyond.

Guerrilla marketing has been around for a while and simply put, it is an inexpensive, and creative way to do marketing. Whether you know it or not, you've seen some examples. Be it sidewalk chalk for a local concert, or a viral video created by a major brand, guerrilla marketing is out there. 

Here are several examples that you may have seen online within the last six months (or in person if you were lucky enough). As you watch these, I challenge you to write down some ideas that come to your mind for future reference as you go back to school or work. The time will come that these will come in handy.  Enjoy!

DHL - Trojan Mailing - Why not let the competition do your advertising?

HUVR - Belief - I understand this was a fake product, but it was a unique way to advertise the product and garnered over 13 million views on YouTube and lots of traffic to their site.

Doritos & Xbox One - Bold Exit - What would you do if you stumbled upon this challenge?

Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon - Test Drive 2 - Maybe you saw last year's "Test Drive" or some of the "Uncle Drew" videos done by Pepsi MAX. Their marketing team is genius, would you agree?

Devil's Due - Devil Baby Attack - For a movie that didn't do so hot in theaters, this video went viral with over 44 million views. Pretty good for a movie that brought in only $15 million.

The Grammy's - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Unleash NYC - Here's one you may not have seen but millions of others have. Whether you watched the Grammy's or not, you know these bus riders will remember this moment for the rest of their life.

Now would you rather spend thousands of dollars on a traditional billboard or draw the attention of everyone around with something totally unique?

If you have any other examples, feel free to share them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

- Meagan Piiparinen