"Write on my wall" or "Follow me" maybe even "Tweet me" seem like pretty normal phrases now, but several years ago, even a decade ago, this was alien to most people.  These are all social media phrases that people say and have become common in our vocabularies. Social media is no longer a place for adolescents and teenager girls but for major corporations and businesses.  Businesses have always gone to where the people are.  People went to the town square so the business went there; then they went to the newspapers, companies followed them there too; now people are on the internet so companies joined in on the internet now too.

Which social media should you use to connect with your audience?  There is Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, Myspace, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, and more.  Which one is the best?  Well that is up to you and your client but look at the link to Audience Bloom for some help.  My recommendation is that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a must for any business.

Audience Bloom says that Facebook and Twitter are the two major players in the social media game.  Facebook reached over 1 billion users while Twitter is at about 500 million users.  So getting into those two platforms is essential.  Before you go head first into social media though, you need to have a plan.  PR News has a great article written by Dierdre Breakenridge, who will be speaking at the PRSSA National Conference, about the need for strategic planning before you dive into social media.

Lastly, you need to stay up-to-date on the ever changing landscape of social media.  Make sure that you're not out-of-date and neither is your boss.  Look for the trends and see what will continue to grow.  Obviously we don't have a magic crystal ball to see what will work and what won't but keep your eyes open.  Forbes gives a good list of 7 things to watch on social media.

If there is one thing thing that you look at on this post it should be this video.  It sums up everything into 4 minutes of social media and music.


Enjoy and tweet us @UVUPRSSA

Welcome to the 2011 Fall Semester here at UVU. UVUPRSSA is excited about our new presidency for a fun informative semester that will help benefit all our success as PR students. Here is a breakdown of the Presidency and their twitter handles, so make sure you follow and stay connected with what UVUPRSSA is doing this year.

President: Marshal Sanders @ilmaddog Vice President: Kaiti Pratt @KKCPratt VP of Public Relations: Kelli Farley @kellifarley VP of Member Services: Melissa Garrett @carpediemrd VP of Professional Development: Caleb Price @pguard_11 VP of Events: Sarah Griener @SarahJane_G VP of Recruitment: John Anderson @ VP of Service & Fundraising: Henry Cervera @henrymvd VP of Digital Communication: Nick Hansen @Nicholastad Treasurer: Josh Rice @jricetop20

Also, UVUPRSSA twitter @UVUPR

We look forward to getting to know new members and to be reacquainted with old members. If you have any questions about anything at all feel free to ask.

Stay tuned for our first event this month.