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Last night at the Gala Award Dinner at the National PRSSA Conference in Philadelphia where approximately 1,100 industry professionals, PR professors, and students attended, UVU's Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) received the 2013 National Outstanding Chapter Award. Out of 300+ universities, UVU PRSSA was recognized as the outstanding chapter in the nation. With this national accolade of being the 2013 best chapter in the nation, UVU's public relations program has once again received national attention.

With the UVU Chapter being established only four years ago, UVU's PR students and faculty have done an incredible job of creating a well-established, stable, and efficient Chapter on the local, state, and national level.

Although still in its infancy, UVU's PR program is competing head-to-head with the nation's most established and reputable programs. This has been made possible through the generous and ongoing support of an incredible team—The PR faculty—The past and current Communication Department Chairs—The Dean's Office—the Administration—and most importantly—UVU PR students past and present.

In addition, UVU PR student Henry Cervera was honored at the national conference with the Golden Key Award—presented to only 17 students in the nation. He also received the Presidents Citation, also only given to 17 students in the nation.

UVU PR student Emily Stephenson was also selected as one of six students to be an official blogger for the national conference. Her writing will be published on the national PRSSA website.

And finally, the UVU PRSSA Chapter received the Star Chapter Award. This is the fourth consecutive year UVU has received this national distinction. This year only 26 chapters out of the 300+ chapters in the nation received this distinguished accomplishment


"Write on my wall" or "Follow me" maybe even "Tweet me" seem like pretty normal phrases now, but several years ago, even a decade ago, this was alien to most people.  These are all social media phrases that people say and have become common in our vocabularies. Social media is no longer a place for adolescents and teenager girls but for major corporations and businesses.  Businesses have always gone to where the people are.  People went to the town square so the business went there; then they went to the newspapers, companies followed them there too; now people are on the internet so companies joined in on the internet now too.

Which social media should you use to connect with your audience?  There is Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, Myspace, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, and more.  Which one is the best?  Well that is up to you and your client but look at the link to Audience Bloom for some help.  My recommendation is that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a must for any business.

Audience Bloom says that Facebook and Twitter are the two major players in the social media game.  Facebook reached over 1 billion users while Twitter is at about 500 million users.  So getting into those two platforms is essential.  Before you go head first into social media though, you need to have a plan.  PR News has a great article written by Dierdre Breakenridge, who will be speaking at the PRSSA National Conference, about the need for strategic planning before you dive into social media.

Lastly, you need to stay up-to-date on the ever changing landscape of social media.  Make sure that you're not out-of-date and neither is your boss.  Look for the trends and see what will continue to grow.  Obviously we don't have a magic crystal ball to see what will work and what won't but keep your eyes open.  Forbes gives a good list of 7 things to watch on social media.

If there is one thing thing that you look at on this post it should be this video.  It sums up everything into 4 minutes of social media and music.


Enjoy and tweet us @UVUPRSSA

Shower soap          shower shock When I tell people I am a Public Relations major, I am inevitably asked, "What do you plan do with it?"

My answer is simple, "Whatever I want."

Public Relations is all around us. From press releases to crisis communication; organizations and companies - large and small - all use Public Relations to some degree.

What many people may over look is the use of Public Relations to promote your own personal visibility, credibility, and valuation. Those who we recognize as business icons and successful people alike, have become public relations masters. They have mastered the art of personal branding and have mastered the tactics to promote their own personal agendas.

One of these artists, Jason Mollica, has dedicated his life to helping others promote their own personal brand, and has called it, "The CEO of You." Jason  speaks to audiences nation wide about tactics, theories, and strategies for personal branding. Jason, the President of JRMComm is one of the leading experts of the use of personal PR. Jason will be presenting and speaking to PRSSA members this week at the PRSSA National Conference.

We are eager to hear what he has to say and to pick his brain about the different forms that PR may take. However, until then, one thing is for sure - PR is everywhere.

On that note, notice how PR is in the shower? Be sure to wear your UVU PRSSA shirt with pride this month and tag UVUPRSSA in your photo on Facebook. The picture with the most "likes" by November 1st will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card!!!


We Held our October event last night "Who Wants To Be An Intern". For those who missed out we had some great workshops. We Also had some really good Pizza supplied by our event sponsor Diamond Professional Window Cleaning. Here is a recap of what the workshops were about:

Sue- Resumes

  • STAR- Situation, Task, Action, Results, 
  • The header is the most important part
  • Don't use misleading information
  • State Specifics

Marsha- Cover Letters

  • Gave a hand out with info on cover letters
  • Advised on what to do and what not to do
  • Gave out some example cover letters

Janessa- Internships

  • Described the resources available to find internships
  • http://www.prssa.org/career/internships/ - Login with username and password sent in welcome email
  • www.uvu.jobs - is for jobs and internships on campus
  •  http://www.uvu.edu/cdc/ - Jobs and internships in the valley
  • http://uvuprssa.org - Internships for PRSSA members relating to Communication or PR
  • Gave advice on how to interview for internships

Whitney- Interviews

  • Take your time when answering questions
  • Dont be nervous and and go in with confidence
  • Research the company beforehand

Sue and Marsha can both be found at the Career Development Center on the 4th floor of the LC building if anyone has further questions. 

We also had a game at the end of the workshops called Who Wants To Be An Intern. The game had a similar layout to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Students were able to test how much they learned at the prior workshops and compete for prizes. It was hosted by our very own incredible Comm Professor David Morrin. 







Did you miss our Rockstars of PR event in September? Do you want more insight on becoming a successful public relations practitioner? We are thrilled for our Who Wants to be an Intern event Wednesday October 16th, 7:00 p.m. at Center Stage. This event will include workshops that will prepare you for your dream internship.

Workshops will cover:


-cover letters

-professional dress

-interview skills


After your skills have been fine-tuned thanks to our fantastic workshop speakers, you will have the chance to put those skills to the test in our very own "Who Wants to be an Intern" game show. (There will be prizes!) Don't miss this opportunity to learn more, meet new people and have a great time. To spread your excitement about this event, watch and share this video. http://youtu.be/_NigtAkTJy0