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Brittany Carroll

Positions: VP of Advocacy, Secretary

I have been a secretary for many organizations, and have become highly organized and greatly enjoyed performing the tasks given to me.

This past summer I was the Director of Media Relations for the US Collegiate Men's Soccer Team as they competed in the World University Games in Taiwan. I was responsible for all fundraising events, social media, ordering of supplies and gear, and finding sponsors for the team. Though it was an extremely busy job, it was highly rewarding and successful. I feel that the skills I learned during that time would greatly contribute to being the secretary for the PRSSA Executive Board, since I was able to balance a lot of responsibility and learn more about the PR industry. 

If elected, I would reach out to every COMM major I meet and suggest that they join PRSSA. I think there are so many opportunities in being a member that many don't currently know about. I feel I could encourage many to give it a try. I would also expand my network and use the current network I have to provide opportunities to PRSSA. I would be highly organized and provide the rest of the Executive Board with peace of mind, knowing I would carry out my responsibilities in the most efficient way.