Brooke Lund

VP of Events, VP of Digital Communication

My name is Brooke Lund I am 23 years old, almost a Junior at UVU and from Draper, Utah. My current hobby is traveling to all 30 baseball stadiums with my husband. I am applying for the PRSSA Executive Board Event Planning position because I know that I would be the best person for the job. I recently was asked when I am happiest and my answer was when I am planning something.  A trip, a birthday party, or events for work. I love being able to use my creative skills and plan an event that I know everyone will love and will drawn people in. I started a company called EvoBox with my brother that is a fulfillment center for small businesses, and we were recently featured in the Draper Lifestyle Magazine. I organize and execute events for the company and know that if I were able to combine public relations with event planning, I would be thrive in that position.