Chantelle Thompson - VP of PR

Chantelle Thompson

L. Chantelle Thompson is a senior at Utah Valley University (UVU) graduating April of 2016 in communication with an emphasis in public relations. Thompson is a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), and serves as the Vice President of Public Relations on the UVU PRSSA Executive Board. Thompson is currently competing in the 2016 PRSSA National Bateman Competition, as team leader, in partnership with Student Veterans of America, The Plank Center for Leadership, and Edelman Public Relations firm.

Thompson works for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the Missionary Training Center as a communication specialist, focusing on strategic planning, technical writing, internal communication, and crisis management.

Thompson spends her spare time working with humanitarian groups, such as Builders Without Borders and Mothers Without Borders. Other volunteer service includes Provo Food and Care Coalition, and various positions with the LDS church, including full-time missionary service.


  • Motivate executive board and members through an enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.

  • Write a press release for every UVU PRSSA event.

  • Print, copy, and cut event flyers to give to UVU PRSSA board members to hand out in communication classes to promote our event.

  • Send event press releases and flyers to UVU communication faculty to promote our events in their individual classes.

  • Develop a media contact at the UVU review.

  • Write up a concise report with photos of every event and then submit it to the national office.