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UVU PRSSA is dedicated to helping students enhance their education, broaden their network, and launch their careers. Joining a PRSSA committee will provide you with experiences to supplement your current education, increase your industry skills and abilities as well as vastly improve your resume. 

ANY student is welcome and encouraged to become engaged in the four PRSSA committees listed below.

Email the committee's respective PRSSA VP and fill out the Google Doc below!


Editorial Committee: Members of the Editorial Committee will gain critical experience and knowledge in all aspects of the PR writing, editing, strategizing and publishing process. This unique opportunity will allow students to create press releases, edit Chapter content and even publish work of their very own! NOW is the perfect time to enhance those skills that will prove vital come graduation. Serving on this committee will provide experience in writing, editing, press release creation, publishing, newsletter design and strategic PR campaign development. 

**Email PRSSA's VP of Public Relations, James Sanford–, 


PRSSA's Historian, Allison Hurd, to get involved–**

- - - -

Events Committee: Members of the Events Committee will help coordinate and execute monthly PRSSA events designed to further the PRSSA mission. Additionally, committee members will be involved in service project and fundraising coordination. Serving on this committee will provide experience in event planning / execution, PR campaign strategy and networking.

** Email PRSSA's VP of Events, Paige Simpson, to get involved– **

- - - -

Social Media and Media Productions Committee: The media productions committee works on filming projects designed to tell the unique story of UVU's PRSSA chapter. Video content focused on telling alumni stories, sharing internship opportunities, documenting monthly events and an informative PRSSA promo video will be only a few of the projects worked on by committee members. Serving on this committee will help enhance your strategic media production abilities and better understand the ins-and-outs of effective digital communication and branding. Additionally, members of this committee help create social media calendars, content for social platforms, and potential campaigns to gain followers and PRSSA members. 

** Email PRSSA's VP of Media Production, Brendan Wake, to get involved– **

** Email PRSSA's VP of Digital Communication, Gabby Juarez, to get involved– **

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Fundraising Committee: Members of the Fundraising Committee will help with fundraising coordination and execution. Additionally, committee members will learn event budgeting and donation outreach. Serving on this committee will help to enhance the understanding of fundraising for organizations and events. 

** Email PRSSA’s VP of Fundraising, Ellie Stockwell, to get **

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