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Daniel Carter:

Positions: VP of Fundraising, Historian

Daniel Carter is a junior at Utah Valley University studying Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. Daniel chose to study PR because of his deep love of working with people, but it wasn’t until his first experience with PRSSA at the regional conference that he knew it was the right choice.

While working at Heritage, a non-profit organization in Provo Utah, Daniel discovered his passion for working with charities. Daniel worked closely with various fundraising campaigns and events, which included gala dinners, theatrical productions and a three point shot contest starring ex NBA player Jimmer Fredette. The group grossed over $100,000 in charitable contributions each year.

Daniel is passionate about snowboarding, off-roading, hiking and mountain biking. He also loves cars, especially if they’re fast. Working in the auto-industry has been one of Daniel’s long time goals.