Daniella Teerlink - VP of Service

Email: dtlink3@me.com Twitter: @daniellateer

Email: dtlink3@me.com

Twitter: @daniellateer

LIFE MOTTO: "It’s kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney

Chris Lefteroff is a communication major with an emphasis in public relations at Utah Valley University expected to graduate in Spring of 2017.

Chris is actively engaged in MANY areas across UVU's campus including PRSSA, AMA, the MAWL, UVU review and student alumni. Chris also makes time for his studies, which is proven by the pact that he's made the Dean’s List for the past four semesters! If it’s EXTREME, Chris is in. He spends some his free time busting dance moves at his hip-hop class at Center Stage.

Chris acted as a spokesperson at the AIA National Convention on behalf of his employer, Rustica Hardware. Along with his current leadership roles at Rustica Hardware, Chris oversees the branding component of UVUSA's public relations sector.

Chris believes that if you TRULY take advantage of what PRSSA has to offer, the organization will surely enhance your education, broaden your network and launch your career.

FUN FACT: When Daniella was little her mom had to call the cops because she thought she went missing, in reality Daniella was just too good at hide n' seek. 



  • Motivate fellow PRSSA leaders and general PRSSA members through enthusiastic attitude about PRSSA
  • Plan and execute at least one service event each semester.
  • Encourage and foster an environment of service and selfless-acts among PRSSA leadership and membership
  • Understand PRSSA mission as to be able to tell others and recruit new members.
  • Support all other PRSSA members in their positions and assist with any extra needed projects