Often, misinformation is fabricated and distributed with the end goal of stopping animal-­involved 

activities, such as Donkey Basketball. The animals are treated with kindness, respect and in a humane 

manner for the protection of their health, happiness and safety.


Are the donkeys safe?

Yes! Donkey Sports Inc. loves their donkeys and treats them with kindness, respect and always in a 

humane way. The treatment of the donkeys during the basketball game is of utmost concern to Donkey 

Sports, Inc. They insist that their employee be the referee to ensure that the donkeys are treated humanely 

and respectfully. Players who do not comply with Donkey Sports, Inc.’s strict standards of treatment will 

be replaced immediately. Weight limits for the riders are in place for the overall health and well­-being of 

the donkeys, and hitting, kicking or other mistreatment is never tolerated.


Are the riders safe?

Yes! Safety is a top priority for Donkey Sports, Inc. Helmets are provided to each player and 

trained referees will be present to assist the riders, control the basketball game and ensure proper, 

humane treatment of the donkeys.


Will the event be harmful to the facilities?

No. The donkeys wear rubber shoes that will not mark or harm any kind of floor. You will like 

the donkeys because they are friendly, clean and well­-kept. The donkeys are fun to ride! The 

donkeys aren’t particular­ they even let Republicans play the games! Donkeys are not given 

anything to keep them from going to the bathroom on the floor; often the donkeys will go on the 

floor. We just stop the game, clean it up and then continue with the game.


How are the donkeys treated on and off the court?

Donkey Sports Inc. always makes sure that the donkeys have access to ample food and a clean 

water source. The donkeys are transported in a spacious horse trailer with a trained and caring 

driver. The use of electric cattle prods or other cruel treatment is absolutely prohibited and never 


Donkey Sports, Inc. has been owned by Bruce and Sandy Wick since 1980. During this time, 

none of the donkeys we have owned have sustained any injuries or illness as a result of their 

involvement in donkey basketball.


Who has Donkey Sports, Inc. Partnered with?

Donkey Basketball, Inc. has partnered with numerous humane society groups, police 

departments, fire departments, schools, chambers of commerce and other city projects.

Through the many years, donkey basketball has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for good 



What is the environment like at the basketball games?

It is our hope that donkey basketball is viewed as a wholesome family event, giving young 

spectators a chance to see and pet real donkeys. It also gives the players the unique opportunity 

to ride a donkey.