PRSSA Headshot.png

Emmy Crist

President, VP of Events

If elected President or VP of Events I hope to preserve the professionalism and legacy of PRSSA. I will help the board succeed by being a great leader, friend and confidant. I’ve been all-in for PRSSA by serving on committees, in the Wolverine PR Firm as team lead, on the E-Board as the VP of Media Production and traveled to Los Angeles and Indy to represent this great organization at regional and national conferences – so I truly understand the lasting impact of PRSSA has in your professional career. I’ve had several leadership roles on campus such as: VP of Marketing for UVUSAA, Director of Graphic Design on the Regional Conference Board, VP of Media Production for PRSSA, the CAL program and UVUSA PR committee member. I’ll ensure that members feel confident that they had the necessary opportunities for professional development through our chapter upon graduation. I will help make PRSSA more visible, credible and valuable.

We won Most Outstanding Chapter this year, and I want to prove to our students that we really make a difference for them on a direct level – not just on a national level. Our board members have always been mentors to me – they’ve helped me understand PR as a whole and the importance of getting involved. I want to be a mentor and leader to our members next year. I want this year to be impactful for everyone involved.