Gabby Juarez.jpg

Gabby Juarez

Positions: VP of Digital Communications, Historian

I believe I am the perfect candidate for the VP of Digital Communications because I am an avid lover of social media and am constantly striving to keep up to date on current trends.

Social media has an amazing way of connecting people, whether you have met them in person or not, and allows me to use my creativity.

My main goal for the 2018-2019 year is to create and maintain a LinkedIn account for the chapter so that professionals can be taken to our page from the link in our bios. This takes our credibility one step further as an organization. Additionally, I will grow the social following on all our platforms and keep members up to date on events, internships, scholarship opportunities, trips and any other pertinent information that will help us broaden our networks and launch our careers as PRSSA members!

As VP of Digital Communications I want to ensure that we are building those relationships with one another and staying connected. #StayHappyVoteGabby