James Sanford

VP of PR, Historian

During my mission, I served in the branch presidency as the first counselor for nine months. I organized church activities, coordinated group service efforts and oversaw the church’s organization in that branch. Post-mission, I was a first counselor in the elder's quorum. I managed the ward’s service projects, reported to the leadership of the ward’s activities and taught gospel discussions on several occasions. I was a writer/reporter for Peloton Magazine and reported on the stages of the Tour of Utah. I interviewed professional cyclists and wrote short bios on them. Beginning last year, I started writing for UVU’s The Review in the arts and culture section. I have been a member of PRSSA for two semesters and have been on the editorial committee for the past semester. I am in charge of the alumni section where I contact and interview the alumni and write short pieces about them. If elected, I want to make sure that all members in my committee feel important and are given responsibility. I have seen why PRSSA is recognized for their excellence in PR, and I want to continue that as our standard of achievement.