James Sanford - VP of Public Relations


Year in school: Senior

Favorite class: Campaigns

Dream job: Dream job would be a film director but in the world of PR would be working for Adobe.

How I got involved in PRSSA: I was first introduced to the world of PR where he heard about a group of people who love to network and tell a brand’s story. After going to a PRSSA event, he joined without question. James served for over a year on the editorial and PR committees.

Advice to current/future members: Be involved! Many of the PR professionals that I met on company tours have told us they look for students who are involved in programs outside of the classroom. PRSSA is a great way to get real-life experience, meet professionals in all PR fields, and create connections that you will use through your entire life.

What I want to accomplish on the Executive Board: I want to make sure that those who want to be on the executive board are able to get that opportunity

Email: jsanford23lt@gmail.com

Twitter: @jsanford23


  • Motivate fellow PRSSA leaders and general PRSSA members through enthusiastic attitude about PRSSA

  • Oversee the development and editing of all PRSSA press releases

  • Create a strategic outreach campaign for all PRSSA events, campaigns and opportunities

    • Oversee the implementation of these outreach efforts, (i.e. hanging posters, delivering fliers, digital signage etc.)

  • Develop relationship and contract with the UVU Review and other location media outlets

  • Send concise report of all PRSSA events and efforts to Nationals

  • Oversee PRSSA Editorial Committee together with PRSSA Historian

  • Support all other PRSSA members in their positions and assist with any extra needed projects