Janelle Baldwin - VP of Service

Janelle Baldwin

Janelle Baldwin is a senior at Utah Valley University (UVU) graduating April 2016 with a B.S. in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. She is active in public relations and is currently serving as Vice President of Service on the Executive Board of the UVU Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).

Janelle seeks to increase leadership opportunities and involvement between students and the UVU PRSSA program. Her aspiration is to create an environment where all students feel enthusiastic about networking, gaining experience, and ultimately reaching their career goals. Janelle is uniquely qualified for executive leadership evidenced by her recent experience as a congressional intern for U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch.

As a congressional intern, Janelle experienced the workings of a senatorial office where she saw the political process in action. Janelle’s strong writing and communication skills as well as her ability to work as part of a team were lauded by Senator Hatch and his staff.

She is a consummate advocate of hands-on, service-based learning and teamwork. She incorporates her education and life experiences in a variety of community service, problem-solving, and technology-infused activities. She works to promote the positive power of altruism in communities, understanding the lasting impact of service before self.

Her professional interests focus on joining an organization or corporation dedicated to the advancement of mankind; specifically offering her talents in her ability to effectively craft ideas, think critically, speak publicly, clearly write, and synthesize information.

On the personal side, Janelle enjoys time with her family - faith and family together guide her, inspire her, and give true meaning to her life.

Janelle can be contacted at Janelle@baldwinemail.com



- Motivate members of PRSSA and represent our organization with professionalism.

- Plan and execute at least one service event each semester.

- Volunteer to work tables at PRSSA events.

- Advertise all PRSSA events on personal social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram).

- Understand PRSSA mission as to be able to tell others and recruit new members.

- Attend all events and board meetings.

- Help with any other additional PRSSA or executive board needs.