Jesse Sanchez - VP of Fundraising

Currently I am a senior at our beloved UVU, graduating in April 2017. My major will be in PR with a minor in marketing.

In this last year at UVU I have been extremely active in student involvement and leadership, writing for The UVU Review as Opinion Senior Staff Writer, and the Student Representative for the Communication Department and programs within. All of this while maintaining a personal life and working SEO/ digital marketing for Foxtail Marketing in American Fork.

    I am extremely passionate about student involvement, service and fundraising, where 2 years ago I personally oversaw a donation of $8,000 raised for the Utah Food Bank, resulting in me shaving my head! This donation was an annual fundraiser, but that year was a $3,000 dollar increase from before.

    My goals in life are to push my own business of a clothing line, in which portions of proceeds are given back to our education system, and select items are made of recycled plastic!

As VP of fundraising, I hope to see growth in our budget and participation. I plan to do so by holding and promoting activities such as previously mentioned!