Kate Simpson

VP of PR

Kate works with Taylor and Marlee on the Editorial Committee writing press releases for UVU PRSSA and PR news articles for the UVU PR Crew newsletter. She has the writing skills to take on the PR responsibilities and acknowledge the room for improvement. She interned in Washington, D.C., which involved professional writing and communication skills. Kate worked as a marketing assistant manager at USU Credit Union, which provided experience in event planning, university and community relations. She is teachable and willing to try and learn new things. Kate is a problem solver and a fast learner. She has professional social skills and manners, leadership and public speaking experience and a love of creativity.  

Kate plans to increase the valuation, credibility and visibility of UVU PRSSA through professional and creative press releases of all events, activities and successes of UVU PRSSA. Kate will strive to knit a tighter relationship with the university by reaching out to the administration and appropriate individuals in various communication platforms. She will work with the VPs of digital communication and events to create content to disperse digitally and in print, by outreach to fellow students. [UVU PRSSA's] voice will be heard, locally and nationally.