Krista Winward

VP of PR

"Experience, engagement, excellence. Those three words represent goals I have for my time here at UVU. These three words represent specific goals for my position as VP PR. And wecan help other students achieve experience, engagement, and excellence.

 I will contribute to UVU PRSSA's legacy and standard for excellence by:

1. Maintaining national spotlight to keep awards rolling and earn the 2017 National Star Chapter Award through press releases and articles in the UVU Review.

2. Engage UVU students in campus life through PRSSA involvement to help retention and job placement. Through involvement in various organizations on campus such as Prospective Student Services, Center for the Advancement of Leadership, and the International Center, I have friends I will work hand-in-hand with to promote PRSSA and help students engage.

While an exchange student in Germany living alongside students from nearly every continent, I stepped outside of my comfort zone every day. I collaborated with different beliefs, values, ways of thinking and living. I want to put that experience to work.

I will help UVU PRSSA as I follow my life motto: “Live deliberately and live deeply to suck out all the marrow of life.”