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Laura Kelley

Positions: VP of Member Services, VP of Media Production


Laura Kelley is a junior at Utah Valley University studying Public Relations. She is running for both Member Services and Media Production.

Laura has great organizational skills. She likes things to be organized and updated. She has skills in Word, Excel, and Google Forms. She is on time, is a fast learner, and she tries her best to bring a positive energy wherever she goes. Her current job allows her to send mass messages out to help promote upcoming events for UVU Athletics.

As VP of Member Services, Laura wants to bring personality and involvement to the emails. She wants to create emails that are visually appealing and always have “calls to action” to allow others to become more involved in PRSSA.

She is also running for Media Production. Laura currently works for UVU Athletics as a Social Media Manager. She is interested in branching out and gaining new skills. She works alongside with media designers, photographers, and videographers. As Social Media Manager, she posts on social media for athletic teams, takes in game pictures and videos with her iPhone, and helps promote games. Laura hopes to take quality pictures and videos throughout the year that show how enjoyable and important PRSSA is, and then make a highlight video for future PRSSA members.