Maddie Carter - VP of Service & VP of Member Services

Maddie Carter

I have been a student at UVU since before it was UVU, and am very excited to be graduating at the end of 2016. It has taken me a long time to find the PR program, but I am so happy that I have. During my time at UVU I have also maintained full time employment where one of my responsibilities has been to plan community service projects for our associates. I see being a member of the Executive Board as a unique opportunity to take the lessons I have learned as a student and as an employee and to apply them in a whole new environment.

                  I'm a great organizer and take pride in being a part of a successful group. I love getting involved in the community. I feel it's crucial that everyone feels welcome, and that their work is appreciated. As VP of Services or Member Services, I intend to apply my skills and be a strong addition to the team, and leave a positive impact on our community.

                  When I'm not busy with work or school, I enjoy spending time with my husband,  and my pets Frank and Doris. I also enjoy Game of Thrones marathons,  wandering around downtown Salt Lake, and updating my beer blog.