McKayla Walker

VP of Digital Communication

McKayla Walker is a curly haired Idahoan and social media enthusiast. As your next Vice President of Digital Communication, she would hope to largely increase the following of UVU PRSSA members and non-members on social media networks, as well as more frequent postings to keep information relevant and exciting! Since PRSSA does not currently have a Snapchat, she would create an account in order to boost PRSSA's visability. McKayla personally has a thousand followers on Twitter and over a thousand on Instagram, showing her qualification for broad networking and targeting specific messages in posts in order to boost followings in different media platforms. Her dream job would be to be the social media head for Disney or Warner Bro's, thus this position would be the perfect resume builder to accomplish that goal. Intelligent, passionate, enthusiastic, creative, and fun-loving, McKayla would be the perfect choice for VP of Digital Communications this next year.