McKenna Einfeldt - VP of Service & VP of Fundraising

McKenna Einfeldt

My name is McKenna Lee Einfeldt and as a junior at UVU I have had many opportunities in my life preparing for and leading up to this point.  I grew up in Kaysville Utah and graduated from Davis High School. Being involved globally doing humanitarian work is my passion. My dream job is working Public Relations for a non-profit group that I can benefit and increase the range of influence through my work. I spent four months living in Ecuador doing humanitarian work and I am constantly looking for opportunities to continually apply what I learned there. I understand that in order to make opportunities such as this a reality instead of a day dream it takes funding and connections. I want members of PRSSA to have the chance and the ability to take advantage of the experiences that are handed to them through this organization. Through my work and volunteer experience with UVU’s Mobility Mission and the Women’s Lacrosse team I understand and am aware of the many channels through which funding is available. Having a good reputation and a broad range of support is important for an organization such as PRSSA. A little community support can send a public relations student a long way.