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"In today's job market, it's no longer about who you know - it's about who knows YOU!" 

Be on the forefront of employers minds by developing impactful professional relationships through PRSSA! 

Monthly Luncheons with PR Professionals

Once a month the public relations professionals in Utah get together for lunch. As a PRSSA member, you can join them! For only $10, you will enjoy a great meal, hear from established industry professionals and network with PRSA members to find internships and jobs. Become a paid PRSSA member to attend these exclusive networking experiences.


Industry Excursions in UT and SL County

Several times throughout the year, PR students have the opportunity to network with and learn from leading PR professionals in their office and firm locations. This gives students the unique opportunity to intimately witness the day-to-day workings of a PR professional and get to know these professionals on a personal level. 

"PRSSA is one of those things that you don’t understand its potential impact until you allow yourself to be fully immersed. The connections that I have made through PRSSA events, excursions and committees have opened doors to internships and opportunities exclusively offered to those networks. Networking with people who are actually in the field of Public Relations through meetings and excursions has allowed me to go beyond the classroom and see for myself what it’s like to work in this industry. Getting involved is necessary for success. Jump in where you can, and let PRSSA open doors for you." 

-Emmy Crist, Public Relations senior

"The PRSSA excursions have helped me get awesome internships and connect with professionals within the community that I may not have met otherwise. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get a head start in their career - which should be everyone!"  

-Morgan Flandero, Public Relations senior