Students learn to create a winning pitch from local professionals

OREM, UT - October 25, 2018 - Utah Valley University's chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America (UVU PRSSA) held the event, "Under Pressure: Campaign Competition." Members of PRSSA students from both UVU and BYU competed in creating the best crisis campaign in front of a panel of professional judges.

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Students were divided into five teams to create a campaign pitch to the mock board of Pepsi, the professional judges, to receive more positive press coverage for Pepsi after the release of the commercial featuring Kendall Jenner. The students were given 45 minutes to create a media pitch and a campaign to rebuild the reputation of Pepsi after the commercial was pulled.

"All the hard work we put into creating these events is worth it when we see everyone getting a chance to learn from real professionals,” said VP of Events Paige Simpson. “We love giving our students a chance to connect with professionals to enhance their education outside of the classroom.”

The team that took first place each won two tickets to a Jazz game. Their winning pitch was creating a campaign that had Pepsi taking ownership ffor the commercial but moving forward with an emphasis of coming together as a society. The judges gave advice to all the students based off of the winning team’s campaign saying, “Everyone’s first thought when there is a crisis is to try and ‘buy’ your way out of a problem. To be successful, you have to own the problem and then work to move forward.”


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UVU’s chapter of PRSSA was established in October of 2009. In a short seven years, their chapter has more than 140 active students within the university and has received local, state and national recognition. In 2013 and 2016, they had received the National Outstanding Chapter award. In addition to holding monthly professional development activities and programs, UVU PRSSA has received four Golden Spike Awards, including Best of Show and Utah’sTop PR Industry award. UVU’s chapter of PRSSA is integrated within UVU and its surrounding communities through service projects and professional development excursions.

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