Tanner Kahl - VP of Advocacy

Email: tannerkahl5@gmail.com    Twitter: @kahl_tanner

Email: tannerkahl5@gmail.com

Twitter: @kahl_tanner

LIFE MOTTO: "Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably." -Nick Miller (New Girl)

Tanner Kahl is a sophomore studying Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations at Utah Valley University expecting to graduate in the spring of 2019.

Tanner can often be found spending time at the gun range or debating who has the best French fries in Utah Valley. He loves spending time outdoors whether that be hiking, fishing, skiing, or just playing Frisbee at the park with his bros.

Tanner is passionate about PRSSA as it has changed his life for the better, and loves being involved with this great organization and hopes to inspire others to join.



  • Motivate fellow PRSSA leaders and general PRSSA members through enthusiastic attitude about PRSSA

  • Promote ethics and diversity among UVU PRSSA members

  • Plan and coordinate at least one on-site ethics event per semester

  • Work with VP of Digital Communications to incorporate ethics/diversity national initiatives into UVU's PRSSA social media outlets

  • Advertise and promote to all members the annual PRSSA High School Outreach program

  • Serve as a liaison between current national VP of Advocacy and UVU PRSSA members

  • Support all other PRSSA members in their positions and assist with any extra needed projects