Rachel Singleton

VP of Service, VP of Member Services

Hello! My name is Rachel Singleton and I am looking for opportunities to work in a team and develop PR experience and skills. I am running for Vice President of Service and Vice President of Member Services. I returned home 3 months ago from servicing the people of Fiji for 18 months as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and while I was there the biggest cyclone in the southern hemisphere hit the islands and we spent weeks in service cleaning, and distributing food. A country wide open house was held for the LDS Temple re-dedication in the area just weeks before and being in a leadership position, I had opportunity to help plan, organize and host the event. Having worked as a counselor at the Brighton Girls Camp, I am team oriented and always trying to help others feel welcome and included by engaging them in get to know you games, and team building activities. My goal as VP of Service and Member Services is to explore, plan, prepare, and provide others in opportunities to serve and make a difference in the communities around them as well as engaging them in networking opportunities.